1. Getting Started

Though it is not necessary, we recommend that you arrange an appointment in advance to make sure that we can give you the attention that you deserve. Because we receive new shipments of stone on a regular basis, you may want to allow for more than one visit.


2. Tour Our Showroom

We never cut corners when it comes to customer service. We move slabs so that you get to see 100% of the stone, not a corner or an edge of it. Due to the beauty and variety of stone, our showroom can seem daunting when visiting for the first time. Whether you request a Dente representative to guide you through the showroom or choose to tour on your own, we suggest that you allot at least an hour for your visit. Remember to bring any samples you have of your project, such as cabinetry, paint chips, tile and/or flooring.


3. Design and Fabrication

We work closely with designers and fabricators to ensure that you receive professional attention and service. All pricing and installation is done through your designer or fabricator.





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