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Our Showroom


Bring your color swatches and samples to our Showroom, where you can peruse an unrivaled inventory of unique, first–quality stone slabs. Sure, you can see what we have in stock by browsing online. We do our best to keep this online inventory up-to-date for your shopping convenience. But keep in mind, our inventory is constantly evolving. When you fall in love with a certain stone, we “hold” it for you. Our inventory has a way of turning heads. Speaking of discerning tastes, we also have coffee and a notepad ready for you. Why? The first time through our Showroom can be overwhelming. The quality and diversity of our collection is often called “breath-taking.” Dente’s Showroom is specially designed (temperature-controlled and professionally-lit) to show off the striking beauty of our stones. If you think they look good here, you can you just imagine what they’ll look like in your home.  


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